ADG Basic Course 
Course 1-87

I am Jean-Paul Newcombe "Newks", one of the graduates of course 1/87.  As far as I can remember Wooksie is right, the course photo you have for 1/87 was the section leader course.

the 1/87 Basic course photo I will dig out when I have a bit more time, but off the top of my head it was  Tony Woods (Woddsie), Taylor (Vulture), Gavin Linden (Face), Kevin Close (Closey) Sean Carwardine (Carby), Wilson Usuga (Red), Ramsay (Tassie), Davidson (Davo), Monteith (Monty), Browning (Twiggy) and myself. 

Sorry to those of you who do not spring instantly to mind, But I will dig out the photos and whack in the names.

Was awesome to see some faces and names I havent heard of since I got out in 91.

Cheers to all who remember me and to those who dont.

Further to my last email I have enclosed a photo of 1 of 87 Basic course, sorry about the quality, it was 22 years ago and we didnt have flash digital cameras.

A big sorry to Bully, I remembered the face but not the name, and to Tracker I think he was the reservist on our course.  I dont know where  Browning (Twiggy) was but he isnt in the photo.  Sorry Twiggy.


J-P (Newks)