ADG Basic Course 25
Back row ..... Higham, Girand, Best, Bentley (suspended) Tipper, Day, Haynes, Richie, Lord, Anderton, McLean and Briskey.

Front row ..... Finn, Richards, Soanes, Teece, Brown, Wildeboer, Biggar,O'Rielly, McQuire,
ADG Basic Course 25

I have just discovered your website and must say it is a great site and you have done a tremendous job.

While looking through the course photographs I was surprised to find one of myself.  Your have it listed as Course 29 but I am fairly sure we were course 25. I looked at the photographs on either side and dont remember any of the trainees. Course 25 was the first course conducted in 1977. I injured my knee two weeks before the end of course and was removed from the course which is why it has suspended next to my name. I was still at the school when course 26 began about May 1977. Fred Holtman had transfered from Laverton in December and course 26 was his first offical course as instructor.  I recognised the trainees in the photo, in fact I remember sharing a room with Hurley. I was discharged from the airforce while this course was running.

Your photographs certainly brought back some happy memories and I remember my time at GDTF with fondness.

I hope this information assists you. Keep up the great work.


John Bentley