2/95 Ready Reserve Basic ADG Course
Here is the 2/95 Ready Reserve Basic ADG Cse (only remember surnames)

Front - Eddy, Swanson, Lucadou-Wells (PAF), Bell, Hawcroft, Coutts, Smith,Virtue, Bongers, Grozdanovski.
Rear -Barrand, Mangan, Fell (PAF), Pedersen (PAF), Stevens (PAF),Verrenkamp, Bourke, Neville.

Joined in 1995,posted to 3 AFDS ( the first lot of Ready teddys)
did Annual Garrison in Woomera,( the first one out of Murray Bridge)
got out about 97 and went over to the darkside and joined the green machine, toyed with Dental Corps for a while til
I decided that looking at bleeding gobs was a bit namby pamby and saw the light and transferred to the Engineers,
still in and sweatin it out in Darwin as a Secco in a field squadron.

Have a good one,
Nick Barrand