RAAF Airfield Defence Guard .

"Defending the Eyrie"

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David Manning Military Artist
David Manning specialises in drawing Australian aircraft, fire fighting and military vehicles. One of his drawings features and ADG gun buggy with a RAAF Caribou in the background. David is often
approached by individuals and units to produce a drawing which can be used as a presentation when someone leaves a unit.
RAF Regiment 1964 to 1970
The RAF Regiment one Squadron RAAF Butterworth 1965/66

Digger History An unofficial military history of Australia & NZ
Over 1,500 pages of photos and facts about all 3 services from 1788 to 2002. Not to be missed by anyone with an interest in the military. Rated as a "highly reccommended" learning tool by the Queensland Education Dept.

OldOppos.co.uk is special because it provides a link of friendship between the serving and the retired, the young and old. It?s not a contact website for old comrades, not a reunion website for old Comrades, not an association of old comrades. It is not any of these things; it is all of them and more. 
A momento worth having or a special gift for some one this may be the answer

Ex RAAF ATC Members  
Site dedicated to all ex ATC (Air Training Corps) Members.This site is for all to post their stories and pics ,whether it may have been Bivouacs or GST's.
The RAF Regiment
See the Poms in action 
The RAF Regiment From 1984 
The RAF Regiment From 1984 has pics and info from 1 Sqn 15 Sqn 501 TMW Greenham Common 
Service Veterans Sports Group (Bendigo) Inc
The Service Veterans Sports Group's main aim is the health and welfare of veterans through sport and social interaction.
The Vietnam Veterans Federation SA Branch Inc.
The Vietnam Veterans Federation SA Branch Inc. exists to actively pursue the welfare and health of Naval, Military and Air Force Veterans from all conflicts and their families.


Patriots Australia is a motorcycle club for regular, reserve and ex-serving members of the Defence Force ( Army, Navy and Air Force ).

RAAF Vietnam Veterans Association