Decorations Awarded to A.D.G's and GRDEFO's

South Vietnam

Member of the British Empire

Flt Lt George Foskett.
Phan Rang

Military Medal

Sgt. Ed Power .
Phan Rang.


CPL W.W O'Rouke Vung-Tau.
CPL G.A. Edwards Vung-Tau.
CPL D.T. Moles Vung-Tau.
CPL T.I. Hammill Vung-Tau.


CPL D.Gale.
AC T.D.Jackson.
AC A.R. Brazil
AC J.L.Seibl
LAC D.J. Dubber KIA 1971.
AC I.Lee
Flt Lt B.E.S. Williamson.
Flt Lt B. Ellison.

Certificate of Outstanding Service

CPL L.Gay Phan-Rang


ADG Casualties in South Vietnam

AC B. Vandermat 2 Sqn 1969.Accidently Wounded.

AC I. Wooley 2 Sqn 1969.Killed vehicle accident.

AC R.J. Price 9 Sqn 1969 W.I.A.Injured Chopper Accident.

AC A.T. May 9 Sqn 1969 W.I.A.

AC J.Kerins 9 Sqn 1969 WIA.Chopper Action.

AC R.E,Heppe 2 Sqn 1968 D.I. PMU.Paralysis.

LAC K.D.Fisher 2 Sqn 1969 WIA.Wounded by USAF.

Sgt J.Paine 2 Sqn 1969 WIA.Wounded by USAF.

AC T.G.Petith 2 Sqn 1969 Accidently Killed.

AC S.S.Crosling 2Sqn 1970 WIA .

Flt/Sgt Gregor 1OSU 1970 accidently wounded.

AC W.D Scheer 9 Sqn 1970 WIA. Shot Down.

AC P.J.Sherriff 1 OSU 1971.Accidently Killed.

LAC T.L.Hammill 9 Sqn 1971 WIA.Shot Down.

AC R.Zegers 1OSU 1971 WIA.Shot Down.

CPL P.Vidler 9 Sqn 1971 WIA.Shot Down.

CPL D.J.Dubber 9 Sqn 1971 KIA.Shot Down.

Note,It should be known , of all the R.A.A.F.Casulties in South Vietnam, 25% were ADG'S.