No 16 Basic ADG Course......19th Jan 1970 till 27Apr 1970
I can help you with the forgotten 16 Course which started 19th Jan 1970 finishing 27Apr 1970, the
following are the members of that course or as close as I can remember. Apologies for any missing or misspelt.

Rick Hardy & Rod Nowland

front row, left to right .... Matt Dillon / Graham Maizey / Sgt Tony Nibbs / F/Sgt Cliff Evans / Phil Mackay / Rod Nowland      
middle row left to right.. Trevor Munz / Don Sinkinson / Ian Redfern / Smokey Dawson / Frank Wilmink / Barry Olive,?

back row left to right ....Hatfield / Mick Brodie / Ben Kuchel / Roy Zegers / Rick Hardy