ADG Basic Course 29
Here is the course photo for 29 course, 13 Jun - 15 Sep 78. The names as
best I can remember are:

Back row L to R: Mick Liddell, "Bruiser" Campton, Col Speedie, Davo Mahoney,
Bob "mouth" Brown and Marty Lawrence.

2nd Row L to R: Russ Tacken, Paul "Irish" O'Rielly, Deacon, John "Pugs"
Collins, John Tottey, Goeff "Bung" Banning, Kevin "Aldo" Kovic, Mick Jensen,
Mitch Brennen, Dave Bliss, Gordon "Rockjaw" Jones and Grant "kiwi" Patchett.

Sitting: SGT "Dusty" Miller, FLTLT Alec Bracey, SQNLDR JBH Brown and WOFF
Jim Manser.

Hope this plugs one of the gaps, keep up the good work with the website.

For Aldo and Marty, enjoy the trip down memory lane. We are the only ones
still in after almost 27 years!!!

Bung Banning