No offical course photo at this stage.
Sorry but at as of today the 12-11-2002 i do not have a list of names to go with the above photo.
The POM.
ADG Basic Course 3 - 2001
Hi Pom,

Just a quick run down on who attended this course. the photo was taken after a 5 k vehicle push at the end of Field Training Exercise 3 at Purga MTA in late 2001.

The guys in the photo not in order are Tails Taylor now a reservist and a copper, Kenny Eaton reservist Course Dux (dunno How!!), Matt Peters  reservist (Big Little Man) works in SA gas fields, Noles Nolan missus kids now at 2AFDS, Mick Burkitt (It was a long way from cadets) 2AFDS, Luke Hamilton (Big OX's missus) now at 2AFDS, Josh "Stiffy" Stavely was 3AFDS Recently discharged, Matt "Dutchy" Van Den Borne (ME) fat old reservist 1AFDS, Ian "Randy" McAllister 2AFDS, Shaun "Big Ox" Jefferys Course PT award 3AFDS reservist, Dwayne "The Lebbo" Blore, course most improved award reservist 3AFDS, Matt "Darklord" Brown missus kids reservist 1AFDS, Shaun "Bangers" Hayward carving it up at 2AFDS, Johnno "No Steyr, Just the Gun" Bell 2AFDS, Trent "Crazy Russ" Russell when not in Holdsworthy at 2AFDS, Trent Owen no one knows where he at???, Young Smithy still floating round 3AFDS reservist, Gouldy "The Wombat" 2AFDS, Marcus "Spider" Webb real estate agent 3AFDS reservist, Mick "Lick boy" Saunders 2AFDS. the course NCO's were at the time CPL Kim  " Rude" Rodney now Commando i think????, CPL James Beddingfield now seco at 1AFDS, SGT Christian O'Niell now clearance diver navy- bloody xxxx !!!. with CPL Brett Moy as the floater.

The big boss at the time was WOFF "Bear" Hansen now retired i believe. The boggy in charge was FLTLT Fauser. This course was referred to as "looking like twenty bags of shit, but demons in the bush". we started from 1RTU with 17 blokes, collected 3 ring ins from back courses, injuries etc and the lot passed. One old ADGIE said it was the first in ages to pass all the guys that showed up from rookies. after this we all attended ORT in Adelaide at 1AFDS until 4/02 under SGT Brett "Goose" Rogers, CPL Paul Ashby, CPL Gary Kilday. If you require any further info on the above course please contact me via the email address or on 0438 295 629, 0260 271 419, im also only just down the road from the angry little man WOFF Ray Bolton, the only farmer with cat 3 wire to keep the cows in.

Kind Regards
Matt Van Den Borne