Hi Pom,
What a fantastic site you have here. A great way for those of us no longer

in the mustering to keep up to date with all the great mates we made
throughout our years on the job. Mate, my details are as follows.
Sean Banks (Squadron members only really knew me as "BEETLE", not many knew of my first or last name)

Course: 3/89

Fellow Course Members names :

Shaun Grey " ? "
Removed for security reasons
Stewart Voll "Volley"
   ?      Gibson "Gibbo"
Luke Unterheiner "Unty"

a few others i cannot bring to mind right now. Will get back to you with these.

Course Instructors were:
CPL Greg Hawke
CPL Tassie Colhoun
WOFF Hanson

I left the Squadron in 1994 remustering to CISCON and thats where i have been ever since.
My e-mail address is in your "COM" Centre
I don't have a course photo unfortunately, but would love one if you come across it.

Thanks again for bringing back some great memories of equally great mates.
Your course photos were great.

CPL Sean Banks
ADG Basic Course 3/89
Shaun Grey / xxxxx / Stewart Voll / Gibson / Luke Unterheiner / Sean Banks / Ian Phythian /