4/96 ADG Basic Course
           Congrats on the website, good to see. attached is a copy of my basic course 4/96 ready reserve; which you could put on and add to the nominal roll. We went on to serve our fulltime period at 3AFDS during 1996, and of which 6 members went straight on to be posted PAF to 2AFDS Jan 1997 (5 members, including myself still PAF).

Instructors for the  basic course: CPL Adam Fletcher, CPL Tim Ciszeolka, CPL Mathew Clarke, SGT Obrien.

Course members (L-R) AC Goldsmith, AC George, AC McMahon, AC Watkinson, AC Thornton,
AC  McNeil, AC Dunn, AC Kilday, AC Cooper, AC Shipway, AC Brady, AC Burns, AC Sims, AC Foley

Award Winners (L-R) AC Ashby - Most improved, AC Ryan - Dux, AC Cumming - PTI award.